May 20th, 2011

Was Your TV Show Canceled?


Were any of your TV shows canceled?
I’ll go first.

Brothers and Sisters: It was time. I don’t think I saw one episode from this past season. I’m not sure why. Oh, wait. I remember now. It sucked. That show was done awhile ago. What was up with the Sarah sister hooking up with the guy from…? I don’t even know where he was from. All I know is that they had no chemistry and the whole relationship was stupid. Even if you loved that show, you have to admit that relationship was all kinds of wrong and the show stunk worse than a dressing room at Loehmann’s. Rob Lowe was such a smartie to jump ship when he did. It’s like they didn’t know what to do with him. They made him really mean, and then nice again, and then he died. Good for him. Death was the right choice. He’s rocking it out over at Parks and Recreation. Every time he says “litrally,” it “litrally” makes me giggle.

The Defenders: I’m not going to lie. I liked it. I did. It was a CBS show. Does that make me a senior citizen? Should I get one of those bathing suit cover ups with the bikini printed on it? Maybe I run out and buy some coral lipstick and matching coral nail polish on the way to my early bird dinner? I know that‘s what you‘re thinking. I don’t care. I liked that show, and I’m sad to see it go.

Detroit 1-8-7: This is a tricky one for me. I watched it. I still can’t figure out if I watched it because I’m a Detroiter or if I watched it because it was good. I didn’t rush home for it but if I was folding clothes and it was on my Tivo, I was happy to see it there. I was sad when the hot cop died towards the end, but then I heard from a very reliable source that he wanted out of the show because he didn’t love living in Detroit. Screw you, hot cop. You don’t like The D? We’re over. You’re not THAT hot.

Friday Night Lights: “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can‘t Lose.” We have Direct TV so the final season has already played out. I was heartbroken when it ended. I loved that show so much that I actually contemplated scheduling shiva calls at my house when it was over. Unfortunately, I don’t know too many other people who watched it so basically everyone would have been coming here to eat 7 layer cake and little brownies. Damn freeloaders. You don’t understand my pain. Long live Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins. Texas Forever.

Law & Order: Los Angeles. How many Law & Orders are there? How many do you need? Give it a rest. Get a room with CSI. Jeez.

Mr. Sunshine: I kind of liked this show! The humor was a little forced at times but there were some really funny lines. I heard that Chandler, or whatever his name was on the show, is going to rehab so it got canceled. I remember when he was on Friends and he went to rehab for a pill addiction. He looked horrible during that time. He didn’t look horrible on Mr. Sunshine. He can’t need rehab too badly. I refuse to accept this cancellation.

Off The Map: I tried to watch it because the QB from Friday Night Lights was on it but it was so bad that even he couldn’t save it. Off the Map was just plain crap.

Running Wilde: I wanted to love this show because Will Arnett is so great. Unfortunately the show wasn’t. TV needs to find a place for Will Arnett. He’s really funny. Nothing makes me happier than when he and Alec Baldwin have a scene together on 30 Rock. TV needs Will Arnett. Can’t FOX just bring back  Arrested Development?

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  1. Heather says:

    I may sound immature but we *really* liked 'No Ordinary Family' and I hear that it's been cancelled:( We didn't even get a good season farewell! It was one of those shows that had enough suspense that my husband and I enjoyed it and yet was clean enough for it to be a family show that we watched together every week! After all, who doesn't like to dream of someday having super powers and using it to better their hometown?!

  2. Dawn says:

    Will Arnett will be in a new show called Up ALl Night with Christina Applegate. They have a new baby. And Maya Rudolph is in it. Parts of the sneak peek seem like it could be funny. Too lazy to google it for you. Sorry. Nothing I watch was canceled. But the Grey's season finale sucked arse. It would have been a good episode. Season finale? Not so much. 24 ended last season and I already cried my tears over that one. The Vampire Diaries is not at risk of canceling, Fringe was but it survived, so I'm cool.

  3. Robyn says:

    I'm sorry about "No Ordinary Family." I don't know anything about that one but it SUCKS when a show you like is gonzo. I'm so happy about the Will Arnett news! Thank you!!!!!! I'm over Grey's. When the mean doc started bartending, I was out.

  4. Suzanne says:

    RIP Friday night lights. I *luv* me some Tim Riggins. And because, I'm inching up near 40, I *luv* me some Coach Taylor…

  5. JMM says:

    Will Arnett and Christina Applebaum and a newborn – should make for interesting fodder if they do it right.

    Farouk was the KING of Running Wilde, right?

    Bummed about D 187 but think you summed it up perfectly. Of course.

  6. Robyn says:

    Agree about Will Arnett's new show, Malks. I will give it a shot for sure. He makes me laugh. Hard. I think Farouk was the king, not sure. The show was a little painful for me. :(

    Oh yeah, Suzanne. I'm right there with you, sister. #33 FOREVER!! I'll be 40 next month and WHATEVER. He is Rigs. I will miss that show so much. I think Coach T is in a new movie coming out this summer and #33 is supposed to be in a movie too, but I have no idea when it's coming out.

  7. Mimi says:

    I remember the first time I babysat and you talked me into watching your box set of Friday Night Lights and informed me that Tim Riggins is who you are thinking about while you have sex with your husband! I knew I loved you right away!

  8. Julie H says:

    Ron and I really liked Detroit 1-8-7. ABC has a vicious pattern of canceling every show I like. Do you remember Dirty Sexy Money? They cancelled that. And a million years ago on ABC there was this fabulous show with Sela Ward and this hot guy that they cancelled too. : (

  9. Robyn says:

    @J–I loved Dirty Sexy Money! I actually really liked Vegas too (guilty pleasure). They take all my shows away. It makes me question my taste in shows because it seems like so many dumb ones make it but mine don't.

    A special thanks to Mimi for not only telling everyone who reads this about my Tim Riggins bedtime deal, but now Cody knows too. You're fired!! Just teasing…

  10. Jill and Rick says:

    Waaaaah! I didn't know that we're now watching the final season of Friday Night Lights. LOVE love love that show.

  11. Elyse says:
    • robyn says:

      So funny, because it’s true.

  12. elise says:

    I keep waiting for MASH to come back…what about Barney Miller??? why did they have to get cancelled?

    • robyn says:

      Barney Miller? Really? Did you used to watch that one alone?