August 8th, 2015

Are You Being Watched?

In hip hop songs it’s not uncommon for rappers to throw accolades at someone who has helped them achieve success. They may make reference to other rappers they think are great, or acknowledge the ones who have helped them along the way. It’s like their way of saying Thank you. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for you. There’s even one song in particular where the rapper straight-up says “Shady made it so my babies aren’t starving at home.”

That guy wasn’t just thanking Eminem for helping him succeed, he was thanking him for not leaving him behind. It’s nice that artists can do that in a song, it’s forever preserved that way. When I want to thank or acknowledge someone, I usually send cookies, and they just get eaten. Keep reading this post »

August 1st, 2015


There’s a kid at camp named Chase Perlman. He was a camper for many years and now he’s a counselor. Chase Perlman and his equally awesome two brothers come from a very special family, and they are all very special to us.

Not last summer, but the summer before (2013) Chase Perlman asked to hang in our cabin with my girls and our nanny, Elians, while I was at Evening Program. When I came back to check on things, I expected them to be fighting to get my girls into bed, but both girls were tucked away and Chase Perlman and Elians were on the couch doing stuff on their phones. I have no idea what they were doing, but it looked like they were communicating with other people which confused me because I thought they wanted to hang out together. Keep reading this post »

July 27th, 2015

The Worst Swear Word Of Them All

There are 3 people in this world that hate me. (Probably more, but 3 that I am aware of.) I don’t hate them though. I don’t think I could ever truly HATE someone in my life. There are people I can’t stand, and there are some that I strongly dislike, but there’s no one that I hate. Keep reading this post »

July 21st, 2015

Where Were You On June 26th, 2015?

Do you remember where you were when you heard the Twin Towers went down? How about when John Lennon got shot? Kennedy? I wasn’t alive for Kennedy’s death but I was for Kurt Cobain’s and I remember exactly where I was when I heard. I can also tell you where I was during the OJ chase. I was still living in Columbus, OH and a bunch of my friends and I were at a club called Paradigm to celebrate my birthday, but NO ONE was paying attention to me—all eyes were on The Juice.

Epic moments like that stay with you. Keep reading this post »

June 25th, 2015

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22″

It came out of nowhere but my kids are now Taylor Swift super fans. One day they didn’t know who she was and the next day they were telling me all about her “beef” with Katy Perry. Shortly after that, we had a Taylor Swift binge session watching videos like Style and Blank Space. I smiled as I watched my girls sing along, but I interrupted the party during one of her videos because she was beating the living CRAP out of her boyfriend’s car with a golf club. That’s not OK and I didn’t want my kids to file that away as go-to behavior because “Mommy, Taylor Swift did it!” Keep reading this post »

May 27th, 2015

The Beginning of Your Life Starts at the End of Your Comfort Zone.

It’s May so my husband is gone. He and Bruno moved up north at the end of April to start working at camp. This is them:


We will visit a few times, but we won’t move up for good until school is out on June 12th. So for now, it’s just me and the divas in the house.





During this time, every year, I am reminded that there is more than one definition for the term Single Mom: There’s the single mom who shares custody, so while she has alone time with her kids, she also gets a break on the days that daddy gets them. “Here you go, daddy! Don’t call me unless an ambulance is involved! Later!” The other single mom is the one who has a dead-beat husband, a dead husband or a husband who is gone for long periods of time. That single mom is ON the clock.

Right now, that’s me. Keep reading this post »

April 14th, 2015

On Being Late…

I don’t remember my high school curfew, but I know I was late a lot. Sometimes I didn’t make it home until sunrise. My dad no longer lived with us and my mom didn’t have it so easy with me. It was the 80’s so it’s not like I could text her. I feel bad now for worrying my mom, but back then, I didn’t care. Unfortunately for me—she did, so I got grounded a lot. It’s OK. Usually the punishment was worth the good time. Keep reading this post »

March 27th, 2015

4 New Games For Your Kids

Are your kids sick of playing School? Are they done fighting over who gets to be the dog when they play House? Are you scared for them to play Doctor? Sounds like it’s time to step up the game options so, in the spirit of Pretend Play, my 5 and 7 year old daughters and I have come up with 4 new games for your kids to play: Keep reading this post »

February 3rd, 2015

In Defense of Black Dogs

I read an article once that said black dogs are less likely to be adopted than dogs of other colors. That was weird to me. What’s wrong with black dogs? Some of my favorite dogs are black.

In truth though, when looking for a new dog I usually leaned towards the lighter dogs. I think it’s because I’ve always had Golden Retrievers and each one was a legend in his own right so I never thought to get anything else. We recently brought a new dog into our family though, and he’s a black dog. Keep reading this post »

November 18th, 2014

For Those Considering Adoption…

Some people believe it’s a primal instinct for women to want to be pregnant. Not me. I never wanted to have kids. I mean, yes, I wanted to HAVE kids but I never felt the urge to be pregnant and the thought of giving birth terrified me. Our plan was to have one and then adopt one. I tried for a few months to get pregnant and physically there was nothing stopping me, but it wasn’t meant to be, at least for the time being. When we decided to switch our plan to adopt first, I remember the relief. We were going to build our family! And not only that, but we got to choose the sex of our child, I didn’t have to be pregnant, and I didn’t have to give birth.

Fine by me!

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